How to wash a body pillow

Do you know a pillow had more than 350,000 potentially live bacteria colonies? Often you wash your bed sheets but when it is pillow washing you feel lazy because it is harder to wash.

When you are expecting, you need to be more careful about germs because these can cause allergies for you and baby also. But you should not upset. There is always other side of the coin.

Every three to six months you should wash pillows to keep your lying space clean. If you are using a pillowcase, then the pillowcase should wash every week. Pillowcase is easy to remove and machine washable. It helps pillows to stay clean and safe from germs. The benefit is that you do not need to worry about the washing of pillows often.

Pillowcase washing steps are common with other daily washing stuff.

  • Add dirty pillowcase and detergent to the washing machine.
  • Choose the right settings for wash and rest let the machine do.

Body Pillow washing:

  • Read the care label on the pillow before washing.
  • Select water temperature based on the care label.
  • ​Put the pillow in the machine. As body pillow is large in shape, place one body pillow in the machine at a time. For a regular-sized pillow, place two at a time.
  • ​Add little amount of detergent.
  • ​Run the rinse cycle twice. Rinsing process takes longer than washing.
  • ​Add two tennis balls while placing pillows in the dryer for faster drying. Try to keep the heat low. Sometimes pillow material like memory foam, the feather can be damaged due to the heat of the dryer. So, if possible then let them dry in the sun.

As mentioned, keeping pillow germ free is essential for a satisfactory sleep and it is also good for skin. Pregnant women need extra skin care and proper sleep. So, a clean sleeping space needed to stay healthy.

As washing pillows often is a bit harder. At maternity, it is more difficult. So, try to keep it clean by using the pillowcase. So, you need to wash the pillow twice and thrice a year.

Jacqueline W. Williams

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