Today’s Mom Cozy Comfort Pregnancy Pillow

Are you going to be a mom soon? Then, this is the most challenging period of your life. As well as, enjoying also. When insufficient sleep, several body pains disturb your pregnancy enjoyments, you need a trustable source that can offer a quality sleep to make your most challenging journey into a stunning experience. In this case, nothing can be better than a large u shaped pregnancy pillow named Today's Mom Cozy Comfort Pregnancy Pillow to let you sleep restfully.

14.5 % American women experience many pregnancy complications at this time. When the scenario is like this, purchasing a body pillow can make a difference for maternity period. Along with that, woman body undergoes many physical changes this time. So, you need extra support to feel more comfortable.

The extreme supports have given to the back and belly equally. It is able to support hips area and lower body parts. By aligning the spine, helps to prevent sciatica, lower back pain, spinal stenosis. In a simple word, u shaped pregnancy pillow can be call as a sciatica pain relief pillow. As it offers healthy sleeping positions, no possibilities of having unexpected joint pains. In fact, the upgrade version of this pillow is able to solve shoulder and neck pain problems. As it designed as a special pillow for neck pain.

The body needs extra blood supply for growing baby so body acts more actively than before. In this case, you can feel weak, more stressful. When the uterus starts to grow larger, you will find out that your waistline is expanding. This process can disturb the natural sleeping habits. But a restful sleep can help to get out of this problem. So, by proving a sound sleep, this body pillow shortens the hazards of sleep in any painful situation.

U Shaped Pregnancy Pillow

Women are mentally and physically disturbing during pregnancy. Many sudden physical changes cause mental disturbances. As a result, women become more emotional or moody. They get tired very often and also find difficult to concentrate properly. Sleeping with this pillow helps to prevent both physical and mental discomforts.

By offering proper blood circulation, this u shaped pregnancy pillow helps to grow the baby in the proper way. Due to the high-quality material mom, does not need to worry about sufficient airflow which is another basic need of an expected mom. It aids to supply blood, oxygen, nutrients to ensure child’s proper growth.

One of the great features of this pillow is that you can sleep with left side appropriately which is highly recommended by the physician for pregnant women. It can be placed between legs to get rid of knees pain.

Moms often experience many skin problems such as allergies, rashes. The material of this pillow will not cause any skin problem. In addition, does not make extra heat in the body while sleeping.

This extra-long body pillow will help to adjusted during your tough pregnancy time. After that, once baby born, can take a nap with it. In fact, can be used as back support while breastfeeding. However, the zipper-cover is easy to remove and machine washable. The most amazing fact is that you will get a chance of choosing this pillow from 4 attractive colors.

Product Details

Item weight

10.1 pounds

Product dimension

56 x 9 x 32 inches

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Customer review

4.2 out of 5 stars


To prevent from many sleeping disorders and physical pains this body pillow gives many amazing features which include :

• Extremely comfortable for the shoulder.

• Can be used as back cushioned and offer support to baby during nursing.

• Moms get high support from the inner curves of this pillow.

• Keeps back, shoulder, knees aligned.

• Perfect with any shape of the body.

• Can support the entire body.

• Able to supply instant comfort.

• Easy to remove zipper-cover.

• Machine washable pillowcase.

Customer Satisfaction:

Many pregnancy pillows for back pain are available in the market. Among them, few are really able to solve all types of sleeping problems. This pillow is one of them. Customers like is pillow due to inner curves and large shape. It is able to hold up the full body and offers great comfort. Ensures unbreakable sleep by offering best sleeping positions which make it more popular among consumers. Moms with shoulder problems find it very helpful. As helps to prevent many sleeping disorders which are very common during pregnancy is the main reason of trusting this pillow. In short, it can serve the best comfort to an expecting mom to make her maternity period more enjoyable.

Frequently asked question:

• Can support full body?

  • Yes, can support full body.

• Is helpful for back pain?

  • By aligning the spine, helps to prevent back pain.

• Can solve leg pain?

  • By placing between leg, it is able to relief from leg pain.

• Is it good for the side sleeper?

  • Yes, in fact, encourages to sleep in side.

• Is pillowcase washable?

  • Yes, it is removable and also washable.


Most probably you do everything to make your going-to-be-mom journey safe and healthy. Today's Mom Cozy Comfort Pregnancy Pillow can be a great choice in this case. It is highly able to serve all best sleeping positions to sleep deeply. It takes care of an expecting woman as a mom takes care of her baby. Your long maternity period is totally safe with this pillow and enjoyable too. This pillow will help to fight against all sleeping disorders and let you and your baby sleep with peace. So, make your journey more amazing and this will a right investment for your pregnancy.

Jacqueline W. Williams