Leachco Back ‘N Belly Contoured Body Pillow, Ivory

Often you figure out people around you complain about back or neck pain. Even you are suffering from the same problem. Not only you, millions of people around the world looking for the solution to this problem. Today we are going to introduce you to the best solution for this common problem which is u shaped body pillow named Leachco Back 'N Belly Contoured Body Pillow.

At morning, people keep telling that my back hurts, knees hurt. For everyone, these are the very common problem. But we should think deeply the reason behind these regular body pain issues. Insufficient sleep is the main issue for facing these problems.

Lacking in sleep can cause many sleep disorders. Insomnia is one of them which is the leading reason for stress, anxiety, depression. Another common problem is sleep apnea which happens when upper airway becomes blocked and interrupt breathing system. Due to these problems, regular sleep disturbs and you wake up with several body pains.

At this situation, you surely try to find an effective solution. You often search online how to get rid of back pain. Take a breath. You are very close to your destination.

Leachco Back 'N Belly Contoured Body Pillow is the most popular and large selling body pillow over the world. It performs the excellent job by offering support to the full body. Keeping back aligned is the best advantage. In a word, it is the best body pillow for back pain. The U shape holds up hips, shoulder so that no chance of discomfort during sleep. In fact, reduces the extra pressure on body parts and especially in the stomach.

People with any body size can fit in it. The giant, u shaped pillow has two contoured "legs" so you can sleep on your back or either side. The lightweight after having a large shape is a great advantage of it. Although needs big space but very comfortable for sleep lovers. It will fit in queen size bed easily and you and your partner will love to sleep. The pillow case is already on the pillow. No need to order for any extra pillow case. The pillowcase’s fabric is easy to wash and anytime can remove for washing. Even no problem to replace the pillowcase after wash.

No matter in which style you do prefer for sleep helps you to support in any position. It enhances the comfort level of sleeping. The natural curve fits properly under the neck and relieve side or back sleepers from body pain and helps to still be safe and healthy during sleep.

Due to the ‘U’ shape, it is good for hugging. The large shape also helps to relief from joint pain. If you are struggling for a sound sleep then without any doubt it the perfect solution for you. Every night you can have a restful sleep with it so that at morning you will feel fresh and energetic to start a good day. Once you start sleeping with it, you will love this body pillow.

Product Details:



Item Weight

7 pounds

Product Dimensions

51 x 33.5 x 8.8 inches

Item model number


Customer Reviews

4.2 out of 5 stars


Features are the most important fact when you are considering to buy the product. This body pillow has several features which include.

  • Keeps entire body aligned.
  • Available in two different colors.
  • Offers extreme comfort rather than other available products in the market.
  • Length is supportable for any body size.
  • Not too large in shape and easily can fit in queen size bed.
  • The price is affordable.

Customer satisfaction:

The rate of customer satisfaction for this product is very high. People from every corner of the world made positive reviews for it. More than 2k positive reviews make this body pillow trustable to new consumers. The special design with curves is highly accepted by customers. In fact, good material is another reason for being too popular. Without any doubt, it gives greater comfort so customers find it beneficial. People who were unable to sleep properly due to pains, sleeping disorders start to having a good night sleep after using it. In fact, consumers like the incredible size and design most. The object is to satisfy the customers by offering extreme comfort and reducing all types of body pains. Proudly, the product is successful to meet the goals.

Frequently asked questions:

How much space needs to place the pillow?

  • As large in shape, need a bit extra space but can fit in queen size bed.

Is able to provide head support?

  • It provides high support to head so snoring decreases.

Is the pillow softer?

  • The pillow is softer and easy to bend.

Can support the full body during sleep?

  • Obviously, it can support full body with the large U shape.

Can relax muscles at night sleep?

  • By giving proper support, helps to reduce muscles pressure.

Is it expensive?

  • Comparing other products, this pillow is reasonable.

If you looking for an ultimate solution for your sleeping issues, Leachco Back 'N Belly Contoured Body Pillow is that. For sure, it will not cross your budget. In a cheap price, you can enjoy great comfort with multiple incredible features. The most amazing fact is you will figure out a high difference in price and quality. Because in this rate no other company can offer these much high qualities. So, at last, we would like to suggest you buy this pillow to enjoy you sleep a bit more and it is not a wrong investment.

Jacqueline W. Williams