Naomi Home Cozy Body Pillow

No one can understand your physical demands and coming baby’s condition better than you. As a mom, you want the best for your child. And we want the best for you so that you can ensure a safe arrival of your baby. You will be wonder to know that 11% Percent of pregnant women are diagnosed with postpartum depression. After that, many physical changes bring unexpected challenges. In this condition, to make your journey more flexible you need Naomi Home Cozy Body Pillow which is a u shaped body pillow.

Changes are very natural in this period. Pregnancy is just not the growth of uterus and embryo. It causes many changes in woman’s body system. This is how body prepare to give a successful birth of a child. In this time, to deal with these changes you need a support to feel more comfortable.

Back pain is a very common complaint always made by expecting mothers. It mostly caused by the change in the center of gravity, weight gain, and muscle stress. This back pain can be reduced by sleeping with proper positions. With this u shaped body pillow, you can easily get rid of the back pain as it will offer you the most comfortable sleeping postures.

Leg cramps, insomnia, sleep apnea, snoring, and narcolepsy are the common sleeping problem that women experience at maternity. Insufficient sleep is the reason behind these problems. With many physical and mental stress, it is not easy to have a sound sleep. In this situation, the body pillow can be a great support to fall asleep. This u shaped body pillow is an excellent support when spend hours to figure out a proper sleeping position. By stop tossing and turning, helps to sleep unbreakably.

Skin changes are very common issues that women face during pregnancy. Often, they experience allergies, red rashes, stretch marks. The high-quality material will never cause any skin problem.

An expected mom needs proper blood circulation as body undergoes many changes at this time. By supplying required air to the body, it offers proper blood circulation. It also supplies proper oxygen and nutrients which are essential for a healthy mom and baby.

Experience unbearable pain in upper part of the body is an undeniable problem. So, this specially designed to offer incredible support for shoulder and neck area. In addition, the inner curves are highly capable of holding the growing belly to reduce the pressure of the tummy while sleeping. The curves are also helpful to distress the muscles and joint as well.

U Shaped Body Pillow

Side sleeping always encouraged by physicians this time. With this u shaped body pillow, you can sleep on left side which more beneficial for baby. The long legs can be placed between the knees which helps to decrease the unexpected pain in lower part of the body. In short, offers all healthy sleeping positions and also prevents to sleep with any wrong sleeping position.

One of the most significant features of this u shaped maternity pillow is that it is not only usable during pregnancy be also can be used after childbirth. Mom places it to the back while breastfeeding. In fact, a newborn can sleep with it which keeps baby’s body aligns.

Product details:

Product Dimension

23.8 x 16.2 x 15 inches

Item weight

9.8 pounds

Item Model Number


Manufacturer Recommended Age

12 months and up

Customer Review

4.2 out of 5 stars


This top-rated pregnancy pillow is suitable for any stage in pregnancy which many effective features which include : 

· Offers support to the shoulder area.

· Reduces neck pain.

· Keeps spine aligned.

· Offers support to growing tummy.

· Great nursing pillow.

· Supports entire body.

· Keeps body temperature lower.

· Due to the inner curve helps to hold the belly and back properly.

· 100% cotton cover.

· Machine washable.

· 5 attractive colors.

Customer satisfaction:

Most of the users find it as the best pillow on the market. Due to the large shape, which is able to support entire body perfectly makes it most popular among users. All most all demands are fulfilled which actually customers want from a body pillow. So that, people get a very few chance to make a complaint against it. The performance of is highly appreciable to all the users. Even moms love to sleep with this pillow as it can make lying space cozier. Due to these features users prefer to buy this giant comfortable body pillow.

Frequently Asked Question:

· Does it stay firm?

  • The pillow stays firm enough to give support.

· Does it come with a pillowcase?

  • It has pillowcase with 5 attractive colors.

· Can the pillowcase be washable?

  • It is machine washable.

· Is the pillowcase removable?

  • It is easy to remove with zipper.

· Does it help to deal with sleeping disorders?

  • It highly effective to prevent sleeping disorders.

· Can it support full body?

  • Due to U-shaped, it can easily support full body.


Pregnancy is the most important and challenging period of any woman’s life. So, they need extra comfort at this period. For your desired comfort, if you are planning to buy a body pillow then Naomi Home Cozy Body Pillow is the best choice without any doubt. With an affordable, it serves a high level of comfort to the expecting mom and baby as well. To decrease all discomfort during pregnancy and to stay safe and healthy, make a proper investment which worth the price.

Jacqueline W. Williams