Leachco Snoogle Total Body Pillow, Ivory

Body pains can affect child natural growing during pregnancy. In general, 50-70% women experience back pain while they are expecting. Moms who have a physically demanding job, suffer the most in body pain because in this period engagement with much activities are not ideal. Back pain is a major problem during pregnancy which costs approximately $ 2.5 billion in a year. Woman body undergoes through many physical changes at this period, so they deserve a healthy and safe pregnancy. Leachco Snoogle Total Body Pillow helps women to enjoy a sound sleep and assists to sleep with accurate sleeping postures. 

Aches and pains are undeniable issues for moms at maternity. To avoid these, sleeping positions are very important. Doctors suggest to sleep on the side during pregnancy as sleep on the left side is highly beneficial for women and also good for supplying blood and oxygen properly to the body. But with a growing tummy, back pain, joint pain and extra weight, it is not easy to fall asleep on left side. Women need a comfortable pillow to support while they are sleeping. Nothing can be better than a pregnancy body pillow for back pain in this time. In addition, this pillow can consider as the best pregnancy pillow for side sleepers.

Mom-to-be can experience insomnia, sleep apnea because of several body pains and breathing issues. It is very hard to sleep properly while you are expecting. Along with these, mental stress affects daily night sleep the most. So, moms often have difficulties to find a suitable sleeping position and keep tossing and turning all night long.

This best pregnancy body pillow is essential for women to sleep with proper positions as it can affect breathing and blood supply. Lack of oxygen can be dangerous for mom and baby. Inaccurate sleeping positions can also disturb the supply of nutrients which can cause weakness, vomiting.

best pregnancy pillow for side sleepers

The most important reason to own a body pillow is that Leachco snoogle total body Pillow can support back, shoulder, neck, head, knees, hip properly. In fact, keeps the body aligned while sleeping reduces the chances to back pain. The leading problems during pregnancy are back and neck pain. The main purpose of this pillow is to reduce the discomfort of back, neck and also the lower part of the body. This time women always worried about accidently putting pressure on baby bump due to inaccurate sleeping postures. This wedge pillow can assist to find best positions to avoid this problem.

Due to several physical changes and body pain, women take a long time to fall asleep. Sudden pregnancy symptoms make them more stressful which affects their night sleep. So, they need a support to sleep restfully with comfort. Also, helps to release the stress on muscles to sleep deeply. By hugging it, women feel calm and heart rate becomes lower. It helps her to deal with emotion what women often face during pregnancy.

Hormonal changes can cause allergies, skin rashes. The best part is that you will not experience any skin problem by using it because this pregnancy body pillow made of quality hypoallergenic materials.

Breathing problems are very common in this stage. Women experience snoring at deep sleep which can affect your partner sleep. This pillow will allow you sleep in right positions which prevent snoring.

Another advantage is that can use after childbirth also. You can use Leachco snoogle total body Pillow to sleep with you baby, as a support for the baby while nursing, even can use to protect child falling from bed. So, it is not only useful during pregnancy, you can use many more years after your childbirth.

Product details:

Product dimensions

60 x 24.8 x 7.2 inches

Item weight

5.5 pounds



Customer reviews

4.3 out of 5 stars


Pregnancy needs extra care and comfort. This pillow will serve you all the demanded features which include : 

• Supports hips, back, tummy.

• Developed by a Registered Nurse and Mom.

• Reduce stress.

• Prevents sleeping with wrong postures.

• Improves blood circulation.

• Not make extra heat.

• Available in 5 different colors.

• Removable cover.

• Machine washable.

• Affordable.

Customer Satisfaction:

Sometimes it is hard to satisfy expecting moms with maternity products as they have many physical demands in this stage. But more than 7000 reviews tell how much ladies satisfied with it. As it helps to figure out the best sleeping positions that can reduce many maternity problems, women fall in love with best pillow side sleeper. Once a pregnant woman starts using it, she even prefers to use after childbirth as it supplies super comfort. The quality material is one of the main reasons to make it popular among users. This affordable body pillow will make your pregnancy more healthy and enjoyable.

Frequently asked question:

• Can it support side sleepers?

  • It is able to support side sleepers and offers best sleeping positions.

• Does the pillow come with a cover?

  • This pillow has a removable pillowcase.

• Does it help for snoring?

  • By offering healthy sleeping positions, helps to reduce snoring.

• Is helpful for back pain?

  • It helps to keep the body aligned which diminish back pain.

• Can support growing belly during sleep?

  • It can support growing belly for side sleepers.

• Can reduce knees pain?

  • As it provides enough support between knees, can solve knees pain.


A pregnant woman struggles for hours to sleep peacefully. Moms have many internal and external changes during pregnancy which make them hard to fall asleep. Women body need rest, care, comfort to deal with these sudden changes. To solve this, Leachco Snoogle Total Body Pillow will perform the best to decrease physical discomfort and allow you to sleep unbreakable without any disturbance in an affordable price.

Jacqueline W. Williams