Leachco Snoogle Mini Compact Side Sleeper, Sage/White dot

A sound sleep is a basic need while you are expecting. A restful sleep can help to thousands of physical issues.

70% women suffer from several body pains and sleeping disorder at pregnancy. So, having a good amount of sleep is unavoidable for mom and also the baby. To adopt the natural physical changes and quality sleep Leachco Snoogle Mini Compact Side Sleeper which considers as the best pregnancy body pillow can be a effective solution.

The full support will give to hip, tummy, and legs. By keeping the spine aligned, helps to deal with sciatica and lower back pain. Sleeping with best pregnancy body pillow can reduce the struggle of figuring out the appropriate sleeping positions. in fact, it provides additional support to growing tummy and legs properly.

This pillow is not only offering a deep sleep but also let you enjoy every moment of your pregnancy. Helps to get rid of sleeping disorders such as insomnia, sleep apnea and much more. By aiding to stop tossing and turning, prevents sleeping disorders which are the main reasons of discomfort during pregnancy.

Back and stomach sleeping habit can cause harm at this stage. Often doctors encourage to sleep on the side to avoid any unexpected accidents. Sleeping on left side helps natural blood, oxygen, nutrients to mom body which helps baby to grow faster and properly. In fact, it can be customized in any shape and mom can sleep with desired sleeping positions.

Hugging this pillow while sleeping can reduce the stress level of a pregnant woman. Work stress, the stress of giving birth to a newborn always affects normal sleeping habit. A woman needs a support to relax and enjoy sleep to forget all the unnecessary stress that harms her charming pregnancy.

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The great feature is that it will not allow making body overheated. In fact, the good quality material keeps body temperature lower. This body pillow will offer sufficient airflow to the body which helps to breathe properly. Due to this, no chance of having breathing problem at deep sleep. Thus, you will not experience sleep apnea or snore at pregnancy.

This resting pillow will surely make your pregnancy easier and enjoyable with all unique features. As body undergoes many natural changes, after some time of pregnancy you will discover that some allegories or red rashes are affecting the skin. Those are very common this time. An old pillow carries millions of germs which mainly causes these skin problems during pregnancy as the body is very sensitive this time. However, best pregnancy body pillow made with high-quality material which is ideal for mom. Sleeping with it will never cause skin issues.

The importance of a body pillow is not ceased with childbirth, even it is more useful for baby. Mom can use it as support for the back while breastfeeding. Provides good support to baby’s body during sleeping. In addition, prevents the child falling from bed.

Product Details

Item weight

2.7 pounds

Product dimension

27.8 x 21.8 x 7 inches

Target user


Customer reviews

3.9 out of 5 stars


Having a good night sleep with a growing belly is a bit hard. So, this pillow will offer you amazing feature which includes : 

• Supports tummy properly.

• Aligns hips and back.

• Ensure neutral joint positioning.

• Excellent nursing pillow.

• Removable and washable pillowcase.

• Suitable for any body shape.

• Helps hip tremendously. It is a perfect pillow for hip pain.

• Extremely effective for shoulder pain.

Customer satisfaction:

Providing extreme comfort makes this pillow popular among customers. Consumers have made countless positive reviews after finding it useful. It serves many extraordinary features to pregnant women to stay safe and healthy. The shape is perfect and will not take much space. So, couples like to purchase this as they do not need to compromise much space in the bed. As controls the movements during sleep, people who frequently changes sleeping positions find very useful. Because of providing incredible support to adopt enormous changes during pregnancy, this makes a great trust among users. In fact, people love due to the shape customizing choice. It is able to serve not only mom but also the baby in the very healthy way. At last, customers consider it as an ideal pillow for pre and post-pregnancy.

Frequently Asked Question:

• Is this pillow good for nursing?

  • It is perfect for nursing.

• How is the firmness of this pillow?

  • Not overly firm.

• Is it suitable for side sleepers?

  • Side sleepers can sleep with extreme comfort.

• Is it creating heat in the body?

  • It does not create any heat in the body.

• Can help to prevent snoring?

  • By aligning the body properly, helps to reduce snoring.

• Is pillowcase washable?

  • Yes, the pillowcase is machine washable.

• Can support growing belly?

  • Due to the J shape, can support the growing tummy very well.

• Can it be placed under hips?

  • It can be customized in any shape and place under hips, knees, and back too.


Spending hours to find out perfect sleeping positions that can offer you to have a good night sleep is a story now. Because Leachco Snoogle Mini Compact Side Sleeper is ready to provide the best sleeping postures to sleep deeply. This most comfortable pillow in the world can support belly, hips and also knees. In fact, useful for newborn also. If you want to experience sound sleep with the best pillow in the world, then you are in right direction. This best pregnancy body pillow is highly able to offer a deep and peaceful sleep which makes your morning refreshing. So, make your lying space cozier by purchasing this pillow and for sure it will not disappoint you.

Jacqueline W. Williams