Little Sleepy Head Toddler Pillow, White, 13 X 18

At deep night, suddenly you see that your kid is walking. Even, waking up with tiredness at morning is not an uncommon issue for kids now. As a parent, you are worried about child’s unusual behavior. However, best pillow in the world can show you right direction in this tough situation. Little Sleepy Head Toddler Pillow is that treasure for the toddler to solve all problems.

You may surprise to know that 2 million children are suffering from several sleeping disorders. 30 to 40% children having a lack of enough sleep. Studies proved that a kid needs at least 9 to 10 hours of sleep which is more than adult sleep. Because it is growing time for kids, so they need extra rest for brain and body both.

Often parents asked how they can figure out whether kids having serious issues with sleep or those are normal problems which will solve with time. If your child is having problems which include

• Breathing problems which causing snoring.

• Waking up at midnight.

• Feeling sleepy at daytime.

• Looking tired all day.

• Having body pain.

• Decreases performance in daily life activities.

Best Pillow In The World

When the scenario is like that, you should take your kid sleeping problems seriously and and try to look for best pillow in the world.

You can get rid of these problems by physician’s help. But we would like to suggest you try something effective at home first. Because when children start to grow, the environment around them changes. They learn new things, adopt new changes. These things may interrupt in night sleep. At the initial stage, it is not a big problem. By taking some right steps your child can come out from these easily.

When enough sleep is the key factor then make a change in the toddler bed. Make it more comfortable with the best pillow in the world which can offer excellent sleep to your junior.

To sleep properly this pillow gives all required advantages. This magic pillow supports head, neck, shoulder and back also. In fact, keeps neck and head aligned during sleep which helps to prevent sleep apnea. Serious breathing issues that often child meets at night is called sleep apnea. Due to lack of oxygen supply, occurs this problem.

Do not worry if your child is side, back or stomach sleeps. It is able to offer a high level of comfort with any position. Not only that but also helps to figure out the best postures of sleeping. Extra pressure on the shoulder, the neck can cause pain after waking up at next morning. In this case, it reduces your kid upper body parts stress and helps to wake up energetically. It can also consider pillow for neck pain relief as it holds up the neck in a proper way.

Often kids love to sleep on side or back. This pillow for back and side sleepers let children sleep in their comfortable positions and also gives extreme support to upper part from being displaced.

Body temperature is another key factor while sleeping. High temperature can disturb the normal sleeping flow. This incredible pillow does not make any heat in the body. Even, proper airflow keeps body temperature lower.

The high-quality material makes it more suitable for your toddler. Mostly, at this stage, children face many skin diseases. With it, you do not need to think about skin allergies.

Product details

Item Weight

8 ounces

Product Dimensions

13 x 4 x 18 inches

Material Type

BPA Free

Customer Reviews

4.8 out of 5 stars


We understand that when something related to your child you are really worried. So, we introducing you with a great product with amazing features which include : 

• Pillow has ideal shape for kids.

• Gives extreme support especially to head.

• Has exact height that will not disturb muscles.

• Prevents breathing problems.

• The high-quality material offers great comfort.

• Inexpensive comparing another pillow in the market.

• Excellent customer service.

• Made in USA.

Customer satisfaction:

Approximately, 4000 reviews show the popularity of it. Satisfaction for this product is very high. The size is highly appreciable by customers. The high-quality material is another reason to make customers satisfied. Kids love to sleep with it due to great comfort. So, parents feel less stress and start trusting this pillow. After starts using, you will realize that it reduces pain and help to have a good night sleep. In fact, the service of the company is the most amazing fact about it. surely you will get the best service. People have many incredible experiences with the company. The purpose is to give your toddler enough and healthy sleep. By using for few day, you will figure out that it is successful to achieve the goal.

Frequently Asked Questions:

• Is it too fluffy like most of the toddler pillow?

  • It is not too fluffy. But if still not suitable for the child, it has "love your pillow’s fluff or we will change it" guarantee!

• What are the measurements of this pillow?

• Can this pillow wash?

  • Yes, it is machine washable.

• Is it good for breathing?

  • The material is very supportive for proper breathing.

• Is it too big in shape?

  • It is not too large as it is for the toddler.

As a parent, you want to give best to your child. At growing period, children need extra comfort and proper rest. A kid with enough sleep performs better in daily life comparing other kids who are struggling to sleep properly at night. Without any doubt, Little Sleepy Head Toddler Pillow offers your child proper sleep at night. So, next morning, toddler wake up energetically and be attentive in every activity. With the very cheap price, you can get as excellent pillow filling by good quality material. We would like to suggest you buy it for your kid. You will not get any chance to complain as offering comfort to your kid is the main purpose of making it.

Jacqueline W. Williams